It’s mid-winter in the Truckee Meadows, and we’re enjoying the snow after several years without. But it’s also around this time—when winter’s been going on long enough to make us miss not-winter just a little bit, and March and all of its thaw-dependent projects inch closer on the calendar—that we start thinking of spring. And… Read More

When selecting wood for do-it-yourself home improvement projects, most of us don’t think of plywood first. Plywood has gotten a reputation for being that other wood, the material we use to underlay or support the beautiful real wood finish of our projects. We think that reputation is undeserved. Plywood is versatile, durable, easy to work… Read More

If it’s been as long for you as it has for us (eh-hem) since high school math class, you might be feeling rusty when it comes to calculating the total area of your building project and estimating the associated lumber needs. Give our helpful experts at Reno Lumber a call at 775-329-9663. You provide a… Read More

The question of how to apply stain to wood does not have to be intimidating. While there are numerous techniques, types of wood stain, and general wood staining tips floating around, there are tried and true tricks and tips for staining wood that will make your next DIY staining project a breeze. To eliminate any… Read More

Real wood furniture has always been a staple of good design, and the craze of DIY furniture has brought skilled woodworking with natural materials back into the limelight. Real wood furniture is desirable because of its durability, resistance to scratches or gouges and its natural beauty. DIY furniture projects can come in a myriad of… Read More

Now that the spring is in full bloom, it is easy to begin imagining and planning that perfect outdoor addition to your home – the deck. This season is optimal for DIY deck projects because the weather is near perfect with a degree of consistency, and with the right direction on how to build a… Read More