If it’s been as long for you as it has for us (eh-hem) since high school math class, you might be feeling rusty when it comes to calculating the total area of your building project and estimating the associated lumber needs. Give our helpful experts at Reno Lumber a call at 775-329-9663. You provide a supply list and we’ll give you a free estimate. Prefer to go it alone? There are a wide range of considerations, formulas, tools, and web sites available to help. We’ve listed some of them for you below. You can also call Plandex at 775-825-7555 and they can provide a lumber take-off (lumber list) from plans you provide.



Questions to ask during the estimating process include:

What shape is the project (cube, rectangle, cylinder…)?
What’s the surface area or square footage of the project?
How many corners will there be?
Will the space be bisected by walls or upper floors, and if so, how many?
Will those walls be load-bearing?
Will there be windows? How many?



Once you know the basic shape and measurements of your project, you can easily calculate the surface area using an online calculator like this one [link: http://www.math.com/tables/geometry/surfareas.htm] at Math.com, or this square footage calculator [link: http://www.squarefootage.org/square-footage-calculator.php] at SquareFootage.org.

When your surface area or square footage is calculated, you can move on to calculating how much lumber you’ll need with tools like this framing calculator [link:http://construction.about.com/od/Bidding-Process/tp/Estimating-Framing-Material-How-To-Estimate-Framing.htm] at About.com, or this one [link: http://www.blocklayer.com/wall-framingeng.aspx] at BlockLayer.com.

These tools should give you a rough estimate for the amount of lumber you’ll need for your framing project. When you’ve done your calculations and are ready for a free cost estimate, be sure to give Reno Lumber a call! We’re open Monday through Friday, 7am-5pm, and our pro team can help with your questions and lumber materials at any stage of the process.