Now that the spring is in full bloom, it is easy to begin imagining and planning that perfect outdoor addition to your Building a deck.home – the deck. This season is optimal for DIY deck projects because the weather is near perfect with a degree of consistency, and with the right direction on how to build a deck, your outdoor haven can be ready just in time for summer activities. However, it is important to follow some tried and true deck building tips to ensure your project gets off the ground without a hitch.

Plan Your Design First

Before rushing out to determine what you need for decking, including your permit or deck lumber, it is important to know how you want your deck to look and function first. If you are envisioning an outdoor escape to entertain, plan Blueprint for a deck.for enough space to place your outdoor kitchen or grill and ample seating for guests.

It may even be beneficial to go window shopping for decking furniture prior to starting your DIY deck, just to get an idea of open and dedicated space. If you are planning your deck with simplicity in mind, take into account the need for shade and additional deck lumber that will be necessary to make that a reality. Finally, you could consider these alternatives as wow factor design points for your DIY deck:

  • Freestanding, second story or back door deck placement
  • Multi-level deck
  • Personality through deck lumber patterns or creative railingsBuilding a wood deck in Tahoe.
  • Choose a unique color theme with furniture or deck lumber

Obtain Your Permits

Not every DIY deck project requires a building permit, but you can save yourself the headache by determining that prior to starting your build. For example, low free-standing decks may not require a full permit, while complex, multi-level builds may need engineered plans. Checking with your local permit office can be as simple as a phone call, saving you time, money and frustration as plan for how to build a deck.

Select Your Materials

Understanding how to build a deck starts with knowing your options for framing, or the skeleton of your deck, and Backyard deck in Reno.the wide variety of deck lumber available. As it relates to framing, Reno Lumber provides materials that are pressure treated and known to have long lasting durability. You want the foundation of your deck to be strong and able to withstand inclement weather and years of use. Contact Reno Lumber for your material needs.

When determining how to build a deck that is unique to you and your needs, decking material and deck lumber comes in to play. There are a number of options available for decking materials through Reno Lumber, including Redwood, Cedar, Pine and other hardwood selections that create a one-of-a-kind look for your outdoor space. Natural wood decks can last up to 60 years with proper maintenance, and working with Reno Lumber is an eco-friendly choice.

These deck building tips are not exhaustive by any means, but do provide the foundation for how to build a deck that is safe and secure, and meets your outdoor living needs. Reno Lumber can help you determine what deck lumber and materials are necessary for your specific DIY deck project this season, ensuring you are prepared for a great summer season outdoors.